Artist Statement

Rachel Vogeleisen Fine Art Photographer

Rachel is an internationally-recognised artist and photographer in London, UK and France.

Through her camera lens, Rachel weaves stories of empowerment, independence, and the beauty of self-discovery. Each image she creates is more than just a photograph; it's a carefully crafted narrative, a message, a piece of artistry that invites women to find their voice, embrace freedom, and celebrate their journey towards self-discovery. Inspired by the pioneering spirits of artists like Camille Claudel, Artemisia Gentileschi, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Sally Mann, she infuses their influence into every artwork she creates.

Her creative process is an intricate dance of vision and production. She begins with a message, a story she wants to share. She meticulously styles and imagines stories in her mind and then brings these visions to life through production, meticulously creating the scene. From there, her touch and editing expertise breathes life into the images, ensuring they resonate with the soul.

But it doesn't stop there. She is committed to preserving the timeless quality of her art. Every piece is lovingly printed on archival giclée, capturing the essence and detail in a way that serves the message within. The result is art that not only adorns walls but serves as a daily reminder of the journey, the achievements, and the unapologetic embrace of self.

Her work finds its place in the homes of those with a discerning taste for elegant interiors, where modern and antique furnishings coexist harmoniously. Woven into every image is her journey of self-development, making each piece not just art but a reflection of a relentless pursuit of finding one’s voice and empowerment.

In her art, women find a resonant message, an ode to strength, and an invitation to follow their hearts. Rachel is not just a photographer but a storyteller, an artist, and an empowerment advocate.

Rachel is passionate about female empowerment and creating art celebrating womanhood's strength and beauty. From bold portraits that explore societal evolution to artistic nudes that honour the female experience, Rachel's work encourages us to embrace our unique identity.


Her project, "From Being Seen to Being Heard: The Silent Heroines of the Quiet Rebellion", is a conceptual creation inspired by artists like Artemesia Gentileschi and Renaissance-era works. This project strives to grow louder with each progressive era, ultimately advocating for women's rights.

Beyond this, Rachel works on projects like the Joyful Journey Series. This series celebrates the joy of self-discovery and emboldens female expression. Each piece captures the spirit of independent women, expressed in iconic European cities like Florence, Paris, and Venice. Rachel also pursues Expressive Bodies, a project that explores nudity intending to show the powerful female body as a vehicle for expression.

In addition to artistic projects, Rachel uses her analogue medium format cameras to spotlight moments through land and urban photography. As a contemporary feminist artist, her work navigates between audacity and elegance.