I returned to university after 45 to do an MA in Fine Art Photography. My final year photography project focused on women who made their mark during war and upheaval, such as Women Who Served during World War Two. More recently, I worked on a project that shed light on the accomplishments of Women reinventing themselves after they turned 50.

When I started my journey as a portrait photographer, I never anticipated moving into fine art photography, creating staged portraits – taking on the roles of creative director, stylist, and photographer to produce a series of feminine art prints.

Though I loved admiring artwork and other photographers' works, I felt intimidated by pushing beyond my comfort zone and attempting something more challenging. But with Pinterest offering endless inspiration, I felt the urge to start creating my mood boards for inspiration about the artwork I wanted to create and the message I want to share.

It became clear that photography was more than just a passion; it also gave me a voice. With creative expression, I could share my message without relying on words. I am no longer restricted by being an introvert; photography has empowered me to be heard honestly. Are you listening?

In addition to creating Feminine Art Prints that you can buy from from the shop, I travel around Europe and take on a limited number of portraits and branding clients in London and elsewhere each year.

meet the artist

Hi, I'm Rachel

As a fine art photographer in London, UK, I'm passionate about using my feminine art prints to express a powerful feminist message about the role of women in society and help you find your unique voice.

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