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How to step into your zone of brilliance, follow your heart and make it a reality

It’s a fact I love this word zone of brilliance, but what is it? We all have one. Your zone of brilliance is feeling aligned with who you are and what you want to deliver to the world. How do you imagine yourself? What would you be doing?

It can be challenging to find if it, you don't know how to listen to your heart, are driven by too many should ought, have to, don't know where to start because you’re bloody scared. There's no blame here; it can feel complicated to get out of our comfort zone because who knows what's on the other side and what if you make a mistake?

That’s why it took me so long to step into my zone of brilliance and choose photography. Not being cliché but photography fascinated me from a young age, but the concept of being a professional photographer was entirely out of reach? Why because I wanted to play it safe! Getting a "job" rather than following my passion. I was well past my 40s when I decided to study for an MA of Fine Art Photography and follow my calling. During the MA, I had another revelation. I wanted to photograph people and not landscapes! Yes, people fascinate me. I have found my zone of brilliance; the path has not been plain sailing. I consider myself as an artist, and for me it's not just pushing a button, but being creative, which means I want to create as often as possible. I will do whatever it takes to be able to create and put my message (beauty, emotions) out into the world.

I do wish, I had followed this path earlier; that’s why I invite to step into your zone of brilliance. Where do you start?

Be Honest

If money was no object, what would you be doing? That’s an excellent indication; the ego is driving us to stay safe, make sure we have a roof on our head and food on the table. Sorry to say but if you want to step into your zone of brilliance, safe will not cut it! At the moment we're only doing a bit of thinking, so you're not taking a bit risk here. But it's essential to know deep down, into your heart what makes you tick and find your calling. Forget about censorship, forget it's not possible, (ok if you want to be an astronaut at 45 maybe not!) write down what would you do if you win the lottery tomorrow, what would you get rid of, stop doing, what would you learn, do, study?


Now that you've got more clarity I invite to explore, i.e. you would love to get involved in sustainability, start to browse job descriptions, what skills do they require, which ones could you transfer. If you want to start learning to cook check out the cooking school in your area, try to speak to bloggers, influencers, ask about advice, explain what you would love doing and ask for recommendations. 

Create a vision

Your unconscious mind doesn't know the difference between the real and the dream. I recently talked to a friend who is dreaming of getting a flat on the French Riviera, she was so convinced it will happen, that I believed her to. Your unconscious mind has tremendous power it can either leave you blocked or propel you to reach your wildest dream. You have to think it's possible and take action. Sitting and waiting is not enough my friend, but you already know that don't you? Let's create a vision; what does stepping in your zone of brilliance look like? What would you be doing? Write it down, create a vision board.

Work on your affirmationS every day

Let's repeat these affirmations every day

I'm healthy

I'm wealthy

I'm a successful X and Y

Complete the list. Stand in front of your mirror and notice your reaction when you say I’m wealthy, write in the comments you will be surprised to what happens. ( and if it doesn't maybe you need to say I Iove you to your reflection in the mirror first!)

Be patient

Finding your zone of brilliance will take time, you might be very motivated and then fear comes back knocking at the door and you’ve flinched again. Do some more digging around why fear is holding you back and stay put. Continue with the affirmations. Fear or even people around you will try to talk you out if of this beautiful idea. Don't forget you are in the control seat if this is your zone of brilliance then embrace it!

Share in the comments what is your zone of brilliance?

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