Is it time to reconsider your life?

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October was an exciting month, travelling to Tuscany and spending a few days in Florence. This magical week in Tuscany set me back in a creative mood. It was a week dedicated to finding my voice as an artist and creating art with a fantastic team and photographers. Feeding on creativity and art, excellent Italian food cooked by Katy and soothing Tuscan landscapes. As an artist, how often do I have time to dedicate so much time to my art? Some days were challenging, and some days, creativity was flowing. It was a privilege to be part of this. I can’t wait to share the stories I created through photography with you. Below is a preview. Stay tuned for more with the print launch at the end of November.

This week in Tuscany made me think about how you give yourself time to pursue what you want to do. It’s not something that comes to mind quickly. We are so used to shut down anything that questions our comfort zone. I hear too many people say, I will do that when I retire. Being at an age where most of my life is behind me, I invite you to reconsider. Is Saying I will wait another few years going to set you into the right mindset? Let’s be honest. It is too easy, and deciding to start shuffling things up can feel chaotic and upsetting. It will make you question everything from your career to your personal life, and introspection is not for the faint-hearted. But don’t be afraid because the game will be worth it.

Be honest and give yourself some time to ask this simple question:

If money was no object, what would I be doing? What would my life be? I understand that you might be at a point where it is impossible to change anything. You just started a family or got a new job. But still, we can easily forget about everything, and the years go by without us noticing.

Let’s start writing about and imagining your ideal life: what does it look like, where do you live, and what are you doing? Censorship will come to flog you, but forget about it. The younger you are, the more you will be tempted to put everything off at a later time. Let’s forget the time scale and think about what makes you tick. What ignites you? Imagine conversing with your best friend about what fires you up, what you want to share with her, and what your plan is.

Make a plan and start to take action. Having a strategy is only one part. Taking action is your most significant chance of bringing change and what you want. Even a baby step is an action. Write some deadlines next to it with a checklist. This will make it even more tangible. Please share it with a friend to hold you accountable.

Nothing is unachievable if you split it into small steps. Every step you take will make you want to keep going. You are an independent woman. You are the only pilot guiding your ship, and you know what’s best for you, so don’t be deterred by someone else trying to weigh you down.

The week I just spent in Tuscany has been a big eye-opener; I felt privileged to dedicate time to my art. The inside was 100% aligned with the outside. All I can say is I wish I had taken this journey much earlier, but the circumstances and the value I chose in my life had taken centre stage. Yes, I’m honest; you will not always be able to set your plan the way you want, but the idea is not to give up; you owe to yourself and deserve it. What will it be then? Hit reply to let me know. 

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